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Digital Logistics business and the possibilities of DROPSHEP

DROPSHEP is a is a technology-driven one stop logistics platform under the company named BMS Tech Logistics Limited started operation from year 2022 where owner & customer can meet their desired rental service at bidding price through mobile Apps.

Drop shipping is an old method of import and export business focused on port transportation. Nowadays, drop shipping is a new e-commerce business model in the world and is very popular in almost all countries. But despite the possibility and relevance of drop shipping in our country, drop shipping business is favored by various adversaries including integrated logistics services, payment gateways. Drop shipping business that is integrated logistics service focused on drop shipping is called DROPSHEP (SHEP= Safety, Healthy, Environmental friendly, Promise) in our country. Launched as a pilot project has been successful and we are now able to offer a new solution to our esteemed clients.

    • Getting started is easy • Bidding Pricing System • The risk is low • Safety and Security Maintenance Assurance

Our Vision

Transform Supply Chain Logistics Through Sustainable Innovation

Our Mision

• Become a sustainable supply chain logistics platform
• Be a growth partner for our customer
• To become the exclusive rental chain in this domain
• Uphold efforts to develop our community
• Use most adaptive & best practiced technology
• Ensure customer satisfaction with the cost-effective approach

Our core value

Digitalization In The Backward Sector

Our core value is digitalization in the backward sector. Use of a powerful mobile application to ensure the use of technology to improve the safety and quality of life of people engaged in transport and equipment professions. Our main goal is to make this world better by using technology to improve the quality of life of people engaged in transport and equipment professions.